Thursday 13, 2013 REMSA meeting BIG NEWS

15 Jun

During last Thursdays meeting Dirk Clark, member of Heartland Hospital’s upper administration, advised the committee that even if given the opportunity to bid or give a response to a RFP they would not respond. That means Heartland will always be out of the running to be Buchanan County’s next ambulance provider. That also means that their desire to help the committee and the community is genuine.

The committee, in light of this development, changed its position about Heartland Hospital and asked that they review any RFPs received by the committee. This places Heartland in a more powerful position to influence who is selected and which path the committee moves on. For now they seem to be genuinely willing to help the community with no benefit to Heartland except to get themselves out of the ambulance business.

I’ve been in business long enough to identify these types of moves. If they are truly experiencing financial loss and wish to shed this branch of their business it could mean that they are getting trimmed down to sell the profitable parts of the corporations. It’s just an informed guess. Only time will tell.

Again, I’ll keep you informed!


One Response to “Thursday 13, 2013 REMSA meeting BIG NEWS”

  1. conservativepolitics1 June 18, 2013 at 9:57 pm #

    my money is still on heartland getting it

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